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Wellness Solutions offers a medically blended environment of Medical treatments, rehabilitation sports therapy, muscle therapy, chiropractic and wellness counseling treating under nationally recognized treatment protocols to provide patient care in an evidence-based model. This consistent approach allows us to significantly impact patient recovery times and speed functional improvements restoring our patients to an active life they love.

Our blended medical and holistic treatment model provides advantages for our patients with proven results.

Our assessments follow evidence-based clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment, which often prevent the need for expensive imaging and other tests. We provide the opportunity to achieve significant improvements in pain level, range of motion, and function after the first or second visit, even for most severe muscle pulls, sprains, or strains.

Most importantly, by addressing the primary cause of the injury or dysfunction, we can help our patients reduce the episodes of pain/dysfunction in the future. Treatments are achieved by providing our patients with a 360-degree view of care and working as a universal medical team to educate our patients on the best solutions for their ailment.

This is true health care. Preventative healthcare.

Our Locations

  • Plano Office
    Plano Office

    2301 W Parker Road #3
    Plano, TX 75023
    Phone: (972) 362-4017

  • Frisco Office
    Frisco Office

    8501 Wade Blvd #310
    Frisco, TX 75034
    Phone: (972) 362-4017

  • McKinney Office
    McKinney Office

    2600 Eldorado Pkwy #100
    McKinney, TX 75070
    Phone: (972) 362-4017

  • Grapevine Location
    Grapevine Office

    2011 W Northwest Hwy #130
    Grapevine, TX 76051
    Phone:(972) 362-4017

  • Dallas Location
    Dallas Office

    @ Synergy Sports Rehab
    13701 Dallas Parkway
    Dallas, TX 75240
    Phone:(972) 362-4017

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