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When an injury begins to impact our day-to-day functions we find it hard to enjoy life. Perhaps a bad knee keeps us from playing a sport we love or a sore back makes it hard to get out of bed. Physical Medicine not only addresses injury with immediate results but also conditions the body to be prepared for life's activities.

Whether recovering from a motor vehicle accident, healing from or contemplating a serious
surgical procedure or looking to simply improve flexibility and range of motion, our clinically
proven treatment methods offer lasting results.

Physical Medicine incorporates treatment such as Exercise Rehabilitation, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Decompression, and Cold Laser Therapy to strengthen and condition body function. Increasing mobility and flexibility improves your range of motion that heals and protects the body from injury.

Physical Medicine has major results in treating: Chronic Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain,
Shoulder/Elbow Pain, Migraines Motor Vehicle Accidents, Pre or Post Surgical Care,
Sports Rehabilitation, and Strength and Conditioning.

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  • Plano Office
    Plano Office

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